Introducing Makeup Kits For Girls

by Elvina

Introducing Makeup Kits For Girls

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Almost every girl likes makeup, especially every day they always see when their mother is applying makeup. This of course raises their own interest to try it. In addition, the influence of make-up videos on social media has increased their curiosity to try it. Even lately many children are doing it too.
If this also happens to your daughter, then it’s best to introduce your little one with simple makeup.

You can use toy makeup kit for girls that come with doll heads. That way they can freely experiment without having to wear makeup on their face directly. Usually children will really like it because they can be creative with these makeup set toys. I did this with my daughter when she was a toddler. At that time she was already interested in my makeup kit. I noticed it when she started paying attention when I was applying makeup on my face. However, I do not allow my daughter to use my makeup tools, because I am afraid that her flawless skin will get irritated.

To satisfy her curiosity, I started looking for toy makeup kit for girls with doll heads. When I bought her this toy, she was very happy and liked to play with that toy. While I am preparing to do my makeup, my daughter is also busy preparing the makeup kit for girls she owns while imitating what I do. She really enjoyed it. At that time I did not allow her to use lipstick. And when she started wanting to try applying makeup on her face, I only allowed her to put child powder on her face, and put on lip balm instead as a replacement for lipstick. I teach her how to apply lip balm properly. Not only that, I also explained that lip balm is used to keep lips moisturized and not easily dry.

When my daughter started kindergarten, I started looking for a makeup kit for girls that was safe to wear. And began to train her to always clean her face before and after wearing makeup on her face. I explained to her what the use of cleaning her face is to keep her skin clean and healthy. This makeup kit for girls is safe for children’s skin, because it has natural and non-allergic ingredients. Many kinds to choose from for your little one.

Each makeup kit has different features. Some of them consist of powder, eye shadow, lip balm, cheek brush, powder brush, and blusher. There is a set consisting of eye shadow, blusher, glitter, lip gloss, nail polish, cheek brush, and eye brush. And there are many other choices your little one will definitely like. If you are interested in buying this make up kit for girls, make sure that the packaging has a license label from the food and drug regulatory agency. So that you don’t buy the wrong makeup product for your little one.

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