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People call me Vina, an Indonesian citizen lives in the Surabaya city. I am a housewife before marriage until now loves the world of beauty and care. For me, beauty treatment can not be separated from women’s lives.
I dedicate this website to beauty lovers. Inner beauty is paramount for a woman, supported by natural treatments for the skin and face. Sometimes beauty that is created from a natural treatment can awaken one’s confidence.
The contents of this website are probably far from perfect. at least your input will help me improve the content of this website so that it can benefit us all. contact me so we can work together to fix all my deficiencies in writing articles on this website.
I hope you get very useful information some tips about your beauty and personality.
At this time, information can be accessed very quickly. So that in my opinion the penchant for maintaining personal beauty is so good that I can share it with anyone who needs it.
Thank’s also to Lucy Hantoro who helped me write this article on my website.
I am not an expert at creating websites, but my husband support of always encouraged me to share my skills in beauty care by online. And finally this simple website.