4 Innovations Produced by Several Skin Care Labs

by Elvina

4 Innovations Produced by Several Skin Care Labs

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So many skin care lab are competing to make the latest innovations to produce perfect skin care products. All aimed at those who want to always look perfect and confident. Starting from simple products, to the latest. Fulfill the needs of someone as a reference for every skin care lab to keep looking for the latest innovations in satisfying customers interests.

Here are some skin care lab innovations that have been released:

Salmon DNA Extract Injection
This treatment is for skin rejuvenation by way of 3 injections. Skin care in this way can be continued on all skin types. This treatment can repair dead skin cells, make the face glow, the skin tightens, stimulate collagen production, and restore skin elasticity.

Royal Jelly Cream
Has a high antioxidant content, can brighten dull skin, prevent premature aging, is anti-inflammatory, and the skin is well-nourished so that the skin is naturally shiny.
Apart from being able to be used as a mask, this royal jelly can be used as a substitute for facial moisturizer, or mixed into a foundation to make the makeup look shiny.

Kambocha is a mushroom tea from East Asia, which is known as a traditional medicine for the digestive organs in the body. And one foreign skin care laboratory has researched that kombucha can also be used as an ingredient in skin care products. Its probiotic properties can strengthen skin protection against damage, it also contains vitamins B and C which function as antioxidants.

DNA-Based Skin And Hair Care
This treatment is able to use genetic profiles to detect healthy skin and hair conditions as well as nutritional adequacy. So that you can more precisely choose skin care products that suit everyone’s skin and hair based on their genetic profile. This examination is very good if it is done as early as possible, precisely when you are 18 years old. And only done once but useful for a lifetime.

The results of the inspection process are grouped into 3 chapters, namely:
-Chapter Skin: shows the skin’s tendency to risk acne severity, wrinkles, decreased collagen production, and inflammation.
-Chapter Hair: shows the trend of hair growth and strength of a person’s hair, as well as the risk of hair loss to baldness.
-Chapter Skin And Hair: shows information about the nutritional needs of skin and hair that match a person’s genetic profile.

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