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6 Ways To Slow Down Aging

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Aging is a natural process that occurs naturally with increasing age. When this process starts, the skin slowly loses its elasticity, is no longer tight, wrinkles and fine lines appear, hair and skin pigmentation, hair loss, and eye bags are formed. But there are many ways you can do to slow down the aging process. These methods must be done regularly and consistently, because otherwise the results will not be optimal. Here are some ways we can do to slow down the onset of aging:

∼ Getting Enough Sleep
Never forget to always get enough sleep in order to slow down aging. The skin regenerates optimally when sleeping at night, and of course with adequate sleep time can help repair skin tissue cells properly.
When you get older, sleep time is usually disturbed. This is caused by insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night during sleep, lack of sleep. Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid consuming coffee and alcohol in excess. The caffeine contained in coffee can stimulate our central nervous system and cause us not to be sleepy. While drinks that contain alcohol can disrupt the circadian rhythm and also disrupt the balance of sleep due to an increase in the hormone adenacin during sleep.

∼ Keep Skin Moisture
Make sure to always use a body moisturizer and facial moisturizer that is oil-based in it. This is so that the skin does not dry out easily and stays moist, so it can slow down aging. It is not recommended to take a hot shower because it will cause the skin to dry out easily. It’s best to take a warm bath and not more than 10 minutes if you want to soak. Dry skin will easily wrinkle, of course you don’t want this. Therefore, from now on, keep your skin moist by regularly wearing a moisturizer after every shower.

∼ Pay Attention To Skin Condition
Always pay close attention to the condition of your skin and always protect your skin from exposure to UV radiation, as well as free radicals to slow down aging. Always use a sunscreen that contains SP 30 when indoors or outdoors. The effects of UV radiation and free radicals can accelerate the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.

∼ Regularly Drink Mineral Water
At least regularly consume 6 glasses of mineral water every day. Mineral water can keep our skin moist naturally and can slow down aging. In addition, mineral water is also good for body health.

∼ Train Muscles
Exercise regularly to keep muscles strong and not stiff. Light exercise and weight training can also slow down muscle aging. Gardening and cleaning the house is also the same as light exercise. That way the performance of the muscles remains good and does not easily stiffen or become weak.

∼ Prevent Stress
One of the things that can trigger aging is stress. Therefore, prevent stress by diverting our minds to something fun or doing things that can calm our minds and hearts. That way we can slow down aging.

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