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4 Causes Of Aging Slower Than Normal

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No wonder all women crave clean, smooth, glowing, and attractive skin for anyone who looks at it. Many ways are done, ranging from traditional methods to willing to do cosmetic surgery. Everything is done to always look young and fresh even though they are getting old. However, based on research, it is known that the skin of Asians ages more slowly than normal non-Asian people. The results of this study explain the things that underlie skin differences between Asians and non-Asian people, which are as follows:

~ Anatomy
In terms of anatomy, Asians have a smaller body structure than non-Asian people, which is quite influential in the process of aging which is slower than normal. Similarly, the shape of the higher cheekbones, thinner lips, smaller eyes, and thicker fat content under the skin around the mouth and under the eyes in Asians makes them look younger than non-Asian people. This fat content prevents the appearance of aging on the skin.

~ Food Side
Asian people mostly consume food from fresh ingredients, raw food spices to be processed, such as green vegetables, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and fresh fruits. Meanwhile, on average, non-Asian people consume more high-fat foods such as milk, meat and cheese, fast food, instant spices, canned fruit, soda and alcoholic beverages. Controlled consumption of food affects skin health and can also make aging slower than normal.

~ In terms of Skin Care
Asians tend to treat their skin by using traditional ingredients early on, as well as protecting their skin with skin care products to prevent exposure to UV rays and free radicals. Meanwhile, non-Asian people tend to use heavier skin care products that contain certain basic ingredients. People who are not Asian are also more likely to spend long periods of time in the sun leaving their skin exposed to UV rays every chance they get. This is because they live in a climate that is not a tropical climate.

~ Melanin aspect
The high levels of melanin in Asian skin make their skin more resistant to the effects of UV rays that can damage skin tissue. Meanwhile, non-Asian people have lower levels of melanin so their skin is more sensitive when exposed to UV rays. That’s why Asian skin aging comes slower than normal.

These are some of the differences in the aging process of Asians and non-Asians. Which is where the results of research have proven how the skin of Asian people who have the power of aging is slower than normal when compared to the skin resistance of non-Asian people.

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